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Press review#4: News in April

Babyloan’s activity is booming in the springtime! Among others, we’re proud to announce the start of a fruitful partnership in Normandy; the new €16 million milestone lent on the platform… You will find below the latest information about the countries where Babyloan works and supports micro-entrepreneurs.


New On Babyloan:

A New Ambitious Partnership In Normandy

In April 2017, Babyloan launched a new platform dedicated to supporting micro-entrepreneurs in the departments of Eure and Seine-Maritime, in Normandy. Thanks to the help of Adie, a French MFI, and Crédit Agricole Normandie-Seine, we aim at using this social crowdfunding platform to promote local, dynamic initiatives for work and connecting the general public with local entrepreneurs. The first step of much larger project that will be expanded to other French areas, the Normandie-Seine platform is emblematic of a shared will for our partners to encourage French micro-entrepreneurs.

I support micro-entrepreneurs on the social platform of Haute-Normandie


€16 Million Euros Lent On The Platform To Support Micro-entrepreneurs!

It is with great emotion that Babyloan reached a new milestone in the quest of supporting micro-entrepreneurs all over the world. Our great community (that is, you), have lent more than €16 million euros to entrepreneurs over the last 9 years. This new achievement will serve as stepping stone for our future projects, in France and all over the world. You’ve sent a great message: we can help microenetrepeneurs develop and continue to strive for greater cross-border solidarity, and it goes to show it is fundamental to keep on supporting entrepreneurship to help boost employment and development.

More information: Les Babyloaniens passent la barre des 16 millions d’euros !


Central and Latin America:

Former Peruvian President Held In Pre-Trial Detention:

On the 17th of April, Peruvian justice reached the decision to confirm the 18-month detention of former President Alejandro Toledo. After the Odebrecht case, this new decision is part of the oingong investigations about Ecoteva, linked to a string of Costarican shell companies involved in purchasing real estate with undeclared funds. According to the Secretary of Justice, the money could be linked to bribes received by Toledo during his tenure between 2001 and 2006.

Source: El Economista

UNO Votes The End Of Its Troops’ Mission In Haiti

The Security Council voted to terminate the peacekeeping mission in Haiti on the 13th of April. The moves comes after 13 years of continued presence of Blue Helmets in the country. A special police force should replace them to train the national Haitian police during the next couple of years. 2,360 peacekeepers should gradually leave by mid-October 2017. U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley reminded the Security Council that although considered a success, the peacekeeping mission is also described as “a nightmare”by many Haitians.

Source: The Time Magazine


‘Mission Accomplished’ For Uganda In Central African Republic, But Kony’s Still At Large

The Ugadan forces decided to end its six-year war against the Lord’s Resistance Army and announced they would withdraw the forces that have been stationed in Central African Republic since 2009. Warlord Joseph Kony, leader of the LRA, has been leading a 20-year long guerrilla aiming at taking down then (and current) President Yoweri Museveni and turning Uganda into a theocracy for the Acholi people. Indicted by the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity, Joseph Kony is a fugitive and still escapes justice.

Source : The Guardian


Middle East:              

Maysaloun Hamoud’s First Original Film Released Into Cinemas:

Palestinian-born director Maysaloun Hamoud releases her first original film “In Between” (Bar Bahar), a feminist, vibrant film set in Tel Aviv. Following three women born Palestine and living in Israel, the film shatters many a taboo about Palestinian and Middle East societies. It is now available in France and has received many accolades, including Toronto International Film Festival and Haifa International Festival.

Source: Variety

Hundreds Of Palestinian Prisoners On A Collective Hunger Strike In Israel

More than a thousand Palestinian prisoners jailed in Israel have gone on a massive, unlimited hunger strike. The hunger strike was announced to coincide with Palestinian prisoners’ day which is marked on Monday. Led by the high-profile Fatah prisoner and leader Marwan Barghouti, the prisoners are protesting against the appaling conditions to which they are subjected. In a piece written for the New York Times, Barghouti advocates the hunger strike and denounces the abuse lived by Palestinian prisoners.

Source: New York Times



Anti-Corruption Investigator Met With Acid Attack In Indonesia

A member of Indonesia’s anti-graft agency was attacked in Jakarta on April, 11. The two attackers threw acid to the investigator’s face, who was scrutinising the potential misuse of $170 million from public funds. Such an attack is unfortunately only one in many that take place in a corruption-ridden Indonesia. According to Transparency International, Indonesia only scored 37/100 on the 2016 Corruption Perceptions Index (100 being a corruption-free country).

Source : Reuters

 ‘Mass murder’ complaint files against President Rodrigo Duterte

A Filippino laywer has formerly filed a complaint at the International Criminal Court against Duterte , accusing him and a dozen officials of mass murder and crimes against humanity.  According tot Jude Sabio, the president has  » repeatedly, unchangingly and continuously” committed crimes and abuses amounting to crimes against humanity. Over seven thousand people were killed since Rodrigo Duterte was sworn in during summer 2016, in a bloody war on drugs.

Source: The Guardian

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